Experiments in JavaScript – Procedural Heightmap Generation.

I’m currently working on a project which will include a lot of procedurally generated content, the basic height map will be generated by a slightly modified diamond square algorithm.

After implementing this in C++ I was looking for a way to try new algorithms for the next steps (amongst others, adding roads and rivers) so I implemented the algorithm in JavaScript.


The demo requires a recent browser (HTML5 features like canvas are used) and does not load any resources other than the page itself and generates terrain like this:

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Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my website/blog/portfolio.

My name is Kevin van der Velden, I’m a dutch programmer and wannabe Indie game developer.
I’ve worked on a few school projects and am currently working on a large project called Camp Cubed in my spare time.

Camp Cubed is a game inspired mostly by Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft, with a few bits and pieces from Terraria.
Build a house, attract some people, make them do your bidding.. uuh govern them as you please, research magic, lay down blueprints for building, gather cattle and weapons, defend against monsters, start exploring caves to be rid of your people’s incessant nagging uuh for fame and glory!